Saturday, August 1, 2015

organic cat vs gmo cat

Organic cat and GMO cat were left outside to see which one the squirrels would eat.

Four hours later, Organic cat was picked clean.

Meanwhile, GMO cat was doing this.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

15 radical feminist facts

1. Rad fems are radical.

2. Rad fems are feminist.

3. Rad fems are militant.

4. Rad fems are liberal.

5. Rad fems got big ole titties.

6. Rad fems didn't care for that last comment.

7. Wow.

8. Rad fems might be blowing this out of proportion.

9. Rad fems just parked in front of my house. Just kidding. I mean, somebody did just park on the street outside. Wouldn't it be funny if it were them?

10. Alright, somebody's walking through my yard. I called the police. Whoever it is, we don't tolerate thuggery in this neighborhood.

11. Rad fems are banging on my door. Oh my god, it's really them. Burglars don't just hammer on the front door like that. I've got to be honest, I'm scared. I get it now. I am a piece of shit. I'm not just trying to save my ass. I really get it now, seeing your anger up close. I thought my behavior happened in a vacuum, but I was wrong, so wrong. Maybe I should stop writing, but it might be the only thing keeping me from completely freaking out.

12. Rad fems, please don't kill me. Oh rad fems, no. Look at me, sobbing like a little bitch.

13. I didn't mean to use that word! I wasn't thinking! I was scared! God, you're right. Men can't change. The only mercy I deserve is a quick death.

14. Turns out it was the cops knocking. Haha. I guess I shouldn't write at night. I told them about the car and the footsteps. I didn't mention any arguments with rad fems, if anyone wants to know that for any reason. I don't know why they would.

15. My anaconda don't want none unless rad fems got buns hun.